“A Sprinkle of My Mama’s Cooking”: How Kwame Brown broke the internet, and what it means for the Black Gatekeepers

Before Kwame Brown was declared the People’s Champion of 2021, Kwame was an NBA player. Although Mr. Brown played in the league for 13 years, and had at the age of 18, bought a house for his mother, and eventually made 63 million dollars in salary, he was known to most of the public as an NBA bust. Instead of being the triumphant story of a young teenager raised by a single mother to help his family overcome poverty, Kwame’s life has mostly been portrayed as a cautionary tale for young men who dare to dream of going straight to pro as basketball players. Kwame Brown was drafted as the number one pick in 2001. For twenty years, this was the narrative– that Kwame Brown was known as “the biggest bust in NBA history”–that is until now.