New Black Media Spotlight: The Black Authority

Somewhere in the swampy shadows of Shreveport, Louisiana,  a deep and booming voice fills the air. It is a commanding voice , articulate and confrontational. This voice belongs to Jason Black, AKA The Black Authority, AKA the Black Ayatollah. He is unapologetic, unadulterated, and absolutely uncompromising. He is the Black Channel and a spearhead for the New Black Media.

I discovered the Black Channel around 2016, but it has been around for nearly a decade and a half. What started out as a little thing, now it is arguably the most important channel on YouTube–for those who can trace their lineage back to U.S. plantations.

The broadcast isn’t for everyone. The Black Authority is an acquired taste. In fact, if you’re a sellout, bootlick, coon, or pork chop feminist, this is not the channel for you. We don’t know much about Jason Black, but we do know he is a very thorough and meticulous person who doesn’t suffer fools lightly. If you call into his broadcast (never call it a show), be sure to have your speakers turned off, BlueTooth lowered completely, stay on topic, and most importantly,  do not have your phone on speaker. Any of these violations will emit at best, you getting roasted, at worst; the rise of Jason’s ire and your call will get dropped.

Legend has it, that in the 90’s,  Jason Black toured the world and made a lot of money in the process. He’s often said on his other program, The Business (also worth subscribing to) that he made so much money so early that he made a lot of mistakes that young people make. Black had the wherewithal to learn from his mistakes, and soon grew to be a successful businessman and documentarian; starting Black Channel Films.

His three thought provoking films are available at or Amazon. His first film, 7 AM is about the growing economic disparity between non-Blacks and Blacks in the United States. His next film, Gentrified, takes this topic a step further, and examines the underlying agenda behind the gentrification of Black neighborhoods in nearly every major American city. Race War is a film inspired by the Charlottesville riots and examines the shifting Racial dynamics in today’s society–as many factors conspire to make American Blacks a permanent underclass.

The broadcast itself feels like the Art Bell era Coast to Coast radio show for Black folks (even more so when listening late at night) . The callers are just as unique and fringe as Coast to Coast. With over 125,000 subscribers to the channel,  people call from all over the U.S. (and even overseas), in places like Plano, TX, Phoenix, Arizona, Plainsfield, New Jersey, Chicago and Oakland. “Caller from area code blah blah blah, what’s your name and where you calling from?” Half the fun of this segment is guessing the area code of each caller. Where The Black Authority differs from other programs is that when it’s time to talk conspiracies and nefarious plots, Jason Black does not shy away from the topic of white supremacy. Instead of entertaining the goofy and esoteric for cheap thrills, TBA is able to tie in the white supremacy angle of every topic he introduces.

Each weekend is packed with nuggets for both young and old Black people to help navigate the constantly evolving double helix of a virus that is white supremacy. The programs are filled with maybe 45 minutes to an hour and a half of information, and when it’s appropriate, the phone lines are open and the people call in. But this broadcast is not for the easily offended  or the  faint of heart. Jason Black explores some uncomfortable truths and one has to be able to be honest with themselves to fully absorb the message.

His most prolific broadcasts are but are not limited to: 1) The Five Steps to Nazi Germany 2) White Supremacy in Space 3) Lessons of Tulsa and 4) the IT Workshop.

It is clear after just 20 minutes of listening for the first time that Jason Black is an extremely intelligent man who knows a lot about a lot. This may make him seem smug or rude, and his wry sense of humor cuts to the quick. Some of Jason Black’s most popular truisms are “there are two types of Black people, those who are aware that white supremacy exists and fight it, and those who are aware of it and go back to picking the cotton.”  The other is “If you wanna know what a Black person really thinks, then ask them a question in front of a white person.”

 If you live or visited New York, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas, perhaps you saw one of the billboards that Black purchased (with his own money) stumping for reparations and calling out anti-Black racism. At the height of the George Floyd protests, he set up a bail fund for Black protestors who needed to get out of jail, showing that there are levels to fighting oppression.

Every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 5 PM to whenever, The Black Authority goes live. If you have ever wondered what Black empowerment sounds like, then maybe this program is for you. For those of you who need something less offensive and more safe; well, maybe Roland Martin is more your speed. Check him out on YouTube at The  Black Channel. Where “Black is the future and the future is uncompromising.”


~Bob E. Freeman

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